Meet AdPredictive

We empower marketers to control business outcomes through strategic decisions driven by data.
By optimizing clients’ audiences, media and outcomes, AdPredictive increases the effectiveness of the media strategy with closed-loop tracking, mid-flight campaign optimization and actionable insights. Through machine learning, automation and omni-channel attribution, AdPredictive has reduced waste in media spend by more than 50% for their partners.

FROM THE CEO Dan Carroll

Since the beginning, we’ve sought an understanding of the value of media in business. What began as InRadio, a music service in 2002, has become AdPredictive today – a company dedicated to clarity and efficiency in marketing.

At the start, we partnered with Shawn Fanning’s post-Napster company, SNOCAP. We worked with a great crew and learned some incredible lessons along the way. When that company went belly up, we faced shutting down or using our servers and algorithms for something else.

In 2010, we completed a deal with Omnicom. There, I ran a division focused on digital and eventually honed in on media and investment strategy. The opportunity was an excellent chance to genuinely understand the needs of large agencies, brands and media companies. AdPredictive continued to operate alongside Omnicom during this period. By 2016, it was clear that our advancements in linear TV and the industry’s demand for more transparency was going to afford us a big opportunity to change the marketing landscape. Everything has moved extremely fast since that time.

Today, AdPredictive attributes linear TV conversions the same way most marketers are naturally used to attributing digital conversions. The business impact those universal metrics bring to the surface for brands is unparalleled. We connect the dots between unit-level pricing, conversions, audience behaviors and more – resulting in ad trends and insights that no one has previously been able to prove or act on. It’s a pretty exciting time.

"We’re seeing the most interesting moment in media since the early days of the internet. Privacy, blockchain, shifting media, etc. make it seem as though things are getting more complex, but we actually see the opposite happening. Better data leads to business outcomes which simplify everything. "
AdPredictive places compliance and security at its core. Our treatment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) reflects that commitment. Our approach has been to treat the CCPA as national law- meaning that we're applying its' regulations to the entirety of our business with the expectation that other similar laws will be put into place throughout the US.
For internal AdPredictive processes, while the data AdPredictive collects directly is minimal, we're ensuring that CCPA standards are met on our own sites. For our 3rd party data providers, under all circumstances, we require that each provider is contractually obligated to abide by applicable law. While that is the case, we review our data sharing processes with each vendor and client, with a focus on CCPA compliance in the treatment of data, opt out/purge requests, and the connections that we have in place to send and receive data.


We don’t stop at redefining the media buying process. The AdPredictive team supports our communities and industry with ideas, technology and workforce.



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