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Marketers Prepare for 2020 Holiday Shopper Shake-Ups in Post-COVID World

In Industry, Insights by AdPredictive Team

If you’re not buried nose-deep in consumer data and target audiences right now, you absolutely should be terrified. The sprint toward Q4 saw unprecedented disruption with the arrival of a global pandemic in Q1 2020. As the world paused, the US economy and uncountable businesses also felt the impact. Year after year, it’s typical that many rely on Q4 sales …

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From Enterprise Executive to Start Up President? Velocity and Focus Are Your New Normal

In Industry, Insights by Kristin FrankLeave a Comment

As the president of AdPredictive, a next generation software company, I recently decided to join the Forbes Technology Council. For my first piece, I explored the lens I used when considering my next move after 23 years of executive leadership at Viacom.  In “Going From Enterprise Executive to Start Up President? Velocity and Focus Are Your New Normal (,” I …

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Four Mid-Year Reminders for Marketers to Ensure Maximum 2019 Impact

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As the first half of 2019 races to a close and marketers turn their thinking to finishing the year with strong results, we have identified the four most effective ways for marketers to tighten their advertising strategy. Targeting confirmed audiences, versus assumed audiences, drives far greater effectiveness and lowers costs Despite advances in privacy-compliant audience identification, most marketers are still …

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Stop missing the mark with your media strategy

In Insights by Laura NollLeave a Comment

Do you know your audience? Really know them? Can you tell us which magazines they read? Or what time of day they watch TV? Do you know which airlines they fly with most? Or which social media platforms they use? More importantly – do you know where to meet other audiences like them? We do. Industry-wide, media spend is regularly …

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Audience oversaturation leads to extreme waste in media buys

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In any campaign, advertisers must achieve balance in the media buy to successfully reach and convert audiences while maintaining a positive experience for target users. The creative, ad placement, ad frequency and other targeting parameters must all work in tandem to spotlight the brand or product without causing audience fatigue, mis-targeting or failure to convert. The balance is delicate. In …