AdPredictive Intelligence Manager

Take control of
your data.

No black boxes or obfuscation here. We provide full transparency around how we create customer intelligence to meet your specific needs.

For Brands

Our platform and business model keep the marketer in control and turn customer intelligence into business growth affordably at scale. We enrich your raw audience data and return Smart Attributes that provide actionable intelligence. Learn more

For Agencies

Our powerfully simple platform can be deployed across multiple clients and seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and processes. With predictable SaaS pricing models, AdPredictive is built to be deployed at scale. Learn more

Game-Changing Flexibility

Our platform is easy to use and built to be deployed without constant oversight and explanation. But, we are always on call you need us.

Planning intelligence

ID-target audiences. Build plans and proposals. Test performance. Take action on insights.

Transparent media execution

Activate ID- and data-driven buys with control. No hidden media margins.

Business outcomes

Understand engagement beyond clicks. Uncover 1:1 attribution to the outcomes that matter to your business.

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