AdPredictive Intelligence Manager

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Create unprecedented strength in your media strategy across teams, properties or businesses. Whether you're working in-house, with an agency, managing clients or unifying vast properties – we've got the smart tools for your human experts.

For Brands

Take control of campaigns with full transparency, attribution and amplified value. Learn more

For Agencies

Close the loop with clear attribution, cross-campaign reporting and seamless workflow. Learn more

For Media

Manage fixed assets, see clear attribution by medium and boost exponential value for ad sales. Learn more

For Retailers

Track proximity conversions and pinpoint high-performing media investments with clear attribution. Learn more

Game-changing flexibility

Each step within the AdPredictive process can be managed by your in-house team, an outside agency or AdPredictive's experts. Take control, see the landscape clearly and create a seamless ecosystem to nurture a healthy media strategy.


Planning intelligence

Build audiences. Optimize media, audience and KPI targets. Build plans and proposals. Test predictive performance. Take action on insights.


Media buy

Execute buys. Accept and authorize. Actualize plan.


Attribution and outcomes

Implement tracking. Review live reports. Attribute conversions. Generate post-campaign, meta and outcome reports.

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