Proximity data and consumer media habits drive high-value conversions

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The technology surrounding the measurement of audiences has evolved dramatically in recent years – especially where location is concerned. With more than 224 million smartphones active among the US population alone – location data is easier than ever to acquire. Pair location-based tracking with campaign and media attribution and you’re well on your way to knowing precisely who is walking into your business.

Who and where are only half the battle, though. Without clear indicators of what, why, how and when – you could be missing out on valuable audience insights that would unlock the secrets to growing your business and maximizing customer conversions.

Proximity data + media habits drive high-value conversions. Find out how at AdPredictive!

At AdPredictive, we unite brand and competitor proximity data with audience media habits – empowering your brand to build strategic reach, expansion and growth campaigns. We highlight target audiences with detailed interest profiles including media behaviors, engagements and top-ranking programming. Then, we layer that information with detailed proximity insights – allowing us to pinpoint the highest converting audiences for your brick-and-mortar location.

With so much information at our fingertips, we can work with your marketing and media buying teams to create expansion audiences – locating similar converting audiences across the media they engage most. Whether its digital, linear TV, broadcast or beyond – the AdPredictive Intelligence Manager helps you to serve the right ad in the right place at the right time – bringing you closer than ever to your target audiences both efficiently and effectively.

We love that our clients get more from knowing audience media habits and how they align with actual conversions at brick and mortar locations. Our partners pinpoint actual customers across media and make connections where those audiences are most engaged. The result is a stronger relationship from day one with more loyalty and greater returns than ever imagined. See real results when you place media, evaluate spend and attribute conversions in a single interface. Join us to redefine the media buying status quo and make media investments based on your desired outcomes.

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