Understand what media engages your audience and how to drive growth

AdPredictive connects customer intelligence to real business outcomes to inform ongoing audience targeting and media optimization.

Our modern approach of mapping all identified exposed + converted IDs - across all trackable media types - to AdPredictive data makes it easy to understand what media engages your audience and how to drive growth.

Attribution studies

  • Close the loop with KPI reporting that drives growth, not cost
  • Impact future campaigns with conversion insights delivered within weeks
  • Understand 1:1 cost per sale, cost per subscriber, cost per tune-in, etc.

Multi-touch attribution

  • Identify, target and track precise audiences across campaign channels
  • Prove ROAS with IDs of known exposures cross-referenced against IDs of known conversions
  • Appropriately align media spend with your known customer engagement and conversions across media and devices

Make smarter decisions
at scale.

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