Data hydration

1st-party audience enrichment that appends Smart Attributes to every matched ID.

Discover more from 1st-party data

With AdPredictive data hydration, unite 1st-party data with Smart Attributes for customer intelligence delivered back to you at the ID level. Smart Attributes apply business intelligence to AdPredictive best-in-class data providers for a single source of truth answer for demographic and behavioral attributes.

Smart Attributes reduce exorbitant data costs, eliminate data biases and reliance on a single data partner, and open the door of possibilities for data teams to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of audience visualization, insights and modeling.

  • 1st-party audience data files returned to you with recognizable IDs with Smart Attributes appended to every matched record
  • Single source of truth answers for demographic and behavioral data attributes
  • Scale your access to unmatched customer intelligence without prohibitive fees or caps
  • Audience understanding beyond 1st-party walls
  • Feeding internal audience visualization tools
  • Customer persona development
  • Audience modeling and targeting
  • Fueling predictive capabilities

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