Lead with Intelligence

Understand your customers. Impact business outcomes.

The number of unique IDs accessed via AdPredictive's ID graph, covering 97% of US households.
Recognize up to 10x more customer attributes and double the size of your recognizable audience for audience visualization, insights, and targeting.
Our intelligence platform is +50% more price effective than other MarTech offerings. Benefit from our flat fee model - no CPMs, data caps, or overages.
Decrease your CPA by half with improved targeting and media plans from our linear TV optimizer.
Find the customers who will prove most loyal to your brand with our Algorithmic Audiences.
The number of years we have received ISO and SOC2 certification. We take privacy and security seriously.
Why AdPredictive?

We're a MarTech company that helps our clients lead with intelligence.

“The AdPredictive team continues to innovate with MarTech industry firsts as we help our clients better understand their customers, impact business outcomes (e.g. revenue, sales), and lead with intelligence.”

Kristin frank, CEO, AdPredictive

“The financial case ends up being quite compelling – spend less, more efficiently, and build your data and tech infrastructure in the process.

seth goren, group svp global subscriber acquisition, warner bros. discovery

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