Customer Intelligence

Smart tools for smarter marketers.

Gain confidence in your ROI. Move your workflow into the new era of data-driven, impact-informed marketing intelligence.


AI-enabled customer intelligence.


Understand customers

Explore detailed customer profile visualizations built from 1st and/or 3rd-party data sets. Then, use our filters and profile editor to refine your target and improve the predicted ROI score.


Optimize and impact

Optimize marketing decisions with customer demographics, behaviors, media habits and beyond. Then, export multiple types of anonymized IDs to activate with your preferred partner.


Predict future ROI

See your anticipated impact to business outcomes. Our AI learns from your current and historical data to predict high-impact targeting opportunities and future ROI.


Privacy-first insights.

Customers’ data privacy comes first. That doesn’t have to stand in the way of making well-informed marketing decisions. AdPredictive helps you gain valuable customer insight while staying compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other data regulations.

Customer profiles, IDs and easy activation.

Gain unmatched customer understanding with visualization of demos, behaviors, TV and streaming viewership, and beyond. Then, export anonymized IDs for easy activation with your preferred partner with no additional fees for use.

Intelligent tools for smarter marketers.

Your business outcomes unite with our partner integrations and campaign tracking to teach our network AI and algorithms how to optimize for efficiency and impact in your marketing.

Visualize customers

Create or expand customer profiles based on 1st and 3rd-party attributes and events like gender, interest, last login and app activity.

Impact-informed AI

Expand your strategy with network AI that learns from current and historical data to predict your next big move.

Predict ROI.

Predictive analytics hit the next level with AdPredictive’s predicted ROI score. Anticipate the performance of your target customer profile based on current and historical data informing AdPredictive’s native AI.

Initial Customer Profile
Predicted ROI Score
Informed by Campaign 1 Insights
Predicted ROI Score
Informed by Campaign 2 Insights
Predicted ROI Score

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Understand customers, predict ROI, activate on IDs, and train AI models to achieve your business objectives.

Data-driven, intelligence-informed customer understanding and business impact for smarter marketers.

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