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We’re on a mission to unlock data-driven, impact-informed intelligence technology for innovative, industry-changing marketers.


Unique IDs


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Our world-class team delivers powerful solutions that springboard marketers (and their brands) forward.

We’ve been predicting the evolution of marketing for decades – it’s in our name, after all. What we’ve always known is that smarter marketers need smarter tools – particularly ones that can keep up with the inevitable shifts of the industry. Smarter tools that do more with less. Smarter tools that can adapt to customer behaviors. Smarter tools that learn and inform unparalleled intelligence.

So, we built them.

Kristin Frank

Kristin Frank

President and CEO

"Our team is at the vanguard of marketing intelligence. We're giving the industry's innovators and change-makers the marketing tool of the future – right now."

Brands’ 1st-party IDs match across our 250M+ unique 3rd-party IDs at an average rate up to


Our data lake unites trillions of data points from 8+ best-in-class data providers


We’ve excelled in the SOC 2 Type 2 compliance audit and renewed ISO 27001 certification for


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Dan Carroll
Dan Carroll Founder and Board Chair
Kristin Frank
Kristin Frank CEO and Board Member
Ali Burnham
Ali Burnham COO
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney Board Member
Richard Yaffa
Richard Yaffa Board Member
Mainardo de Nardis
Mainardo de Nardis Board Member
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