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360° customer visualization with immediate actionability

AdPredictive is thrilled to help marketers turn data into dollars with our 360° customer visualization that allows you to see real-time customer composition insights enriched with privacy-safe demographic, behavioral, and tv viewing habits for smarter strategic planning, first-party data filtering, and targeting in media campaigns.  AWS customers have the opportunity to access this game-changing solution via the AWS marketplace. AdPredictive tools unlocks the power of AWS Clean Rooms for marketers to gain the daily customer insights they need without having to consistently rely on translation through their data science teams.

Know your customer

Quickly understand customers within your first-party data with aggregate and ID-level insights that adhere to the strictest privacy standards.

  • Real-time 360° customer visualizations populated with demographic, behavioral, TV viewing and location attributes
  • Easy to understand, easy to share customer composition insights
  • Customer IDs enriched with single-source-of-truth Smart Attributes at a lower cost than individual third-party data providers

Reach your customers + audiences like them

Take control of your audience planning and segmentation and maximize first-party data within media campaigns without compromising customer privacy.

  • Tools to build target audience segments by mixing first- and third-party data or using first-party data as seed sets for algorithmic audience targeting.
  • Cookieless IDs - with no CPM, data caps or overages - to activate in your media campaigns on your preferred programmatic DSPs, social platform and/or CTV.
  • Cable and broadcast TV campaigns optimized for your ID-targeted customer and audience segments.

Impact business outcomes

Understand and improve marketing performance with reports and tools that connect media to business outcomes and give you the data you need to inform MTA and MMM.

  • Campaign and website reporting delivered in useable formats and connected to first-party business outcomes.
  • White glove attribution studies that take a deeper yet transparent dive into cross-channel media results on priority KPIs like sales, subscriptions, and converted viewers.
  • Continuous ML feedback loop learns and refines in response to high-value targets and defined business outcomes.

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Smarter data at a lower cost

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Optimized linear TV spend

A massive media and entertainment client decreases CPA by up to 52% by optimizing linear TV plans for data-driven target audiences.

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The financial case ends up being quite compelling –
spend less, more efficiently, and build your data and tech infrastructure in the process.


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