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Customers, AI and Clean Rooms: AdPredictive and AWS Talk About the Future

Media, data and marketing experts took to the virtual stage for our AdWeek webinar, “AI Unlocks a New Era of Privacy-Compliant Customer Insights: The Case for Clean Rooms.” AdPredictive CEO Kristin Frank, AWS WW GTM Lead Adam Solomon and media data analytics executive Ally Tubis rocked the mic with insights, innovation and impactful approaches. In case you missed it, we’re excited to share the on-demand version with you!

During the webinar, four critical topics were discussed:

  • Data, privacy and the impact of reguation
  • Customer intelligence advantages and capabilities
  • Clean rooms and their role in managing 1st-party data to ensuring privacy through data collaboration
  • And, the AI-influenced future of marketing

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Privacy-safe customer intelligence with clean rooms and AI capabilities are revolutionizing the marketing industry. Ally said it best:

“I see marketing moving towards a multi-channel strategy where you own the strategy and importantly the data. Data is power and … a clean room approach gives you more control (using diverse data you own), customization (choosing what algorithms should optimize for), transparency (sharing clear insights into what’s driving the algorithms) and ultimately data ownership. “

Ally Tubis

Noteworthy mentions

  • “Data teams have been taking the necessary actions, but an unintended consequence is that it’s now more challenging than ever for marketers to gain customer insight from 1st-party data.” – Kristin Frank
  • “Marketers want to acquire their next great customers… This not only requires a solid understanding of existing customers, but also an ability to work with technology and media partners to find prospects with similar attributes or propensities across channels.” – Adam Soloman  
  • “…our engineers at AdPredictive have invested years in refining the ways that our data lake, ID graph, data security, machine learning and AI work together to deliver customer intelligence. The time, cost and technical expertise can be difficult to come by.” -Kristin Frank
  • “When initially building an AI solution, it’s important to start simple … make sure you understand the business needs and goals (this is key!), set a clear objective around your goals (which is then translated into a data/AI problem), make sure you have a secure data foundation to build on (which clean rooms solves for).” – Ally Tubis

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