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Embracing Innovation: Inside AdPredictive’s Culture

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At AdPredictive, we believe in not just embracing innovation but also celebrating it. That’s precisely why this year’s annual all-hands company events were more than just gatherings; they were experiences woven with excitement, learning, and camaraderie. As we geared up for another spectacular rendezvous, the slack channels buzzed with excitement, reaching its peak of anticipation.

With a lineup of activities stretching over three days, our goal was to share and align on visions and goals; and most importantly strengthen the bonds that define our AdPredictive culture. From captivating discussions to exciting adventures, our all-hands meeting offered an unforgettable dive into the essence of our vibrant company culture. Ready to join us on this journey? Keep reading to explore the excitement further!

Day 1 – Homecoming

To kick it all off, we basked in the beauty of a sunny day in Kansas City. As remote employees trickled into the office, desks filled up, and the once-quiet atmosphere echoed with excited greetings and warm hugs. Anticipation hung in the air as we welcomed each arrival with upbeat music, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Our welcome happy hour, complete with dinner catered by Mission Taco at the trendy Mean Mule, served as the perfect catalyst for reconnecting with the team. Beyond the delicious food and trendy ambiance, it was about the joy of seeing familiar faces in person for the first time for some and for the first time in a while for others. Colleagues we usually interact with only virtually or those we don’t work with day-to-day were all together in one room! These shared moments transformed mere coworkers into friends and solidified the familial bond that defines our workplace. As the sun set on this beautiful day, we knew the real magic was yet to come, setting the tone for the adventures ahead.

Day 2 – Think hard, play hard

The following day, our energy levels soared as we dove into the heart of our mission and vision. The all-company meeting, the longest one yet, was incredibly inspiring for all involved. Presented in a conversational format covering four focus areas – who we are, our big picture, goals, and what’s next – it engaged everyone from start to finish. Notepads and note cards were passed out, fostering active participation as discussions about culture and industry beliefs flourished. The whiteboard became a canvas for collective insights, allowing everyone to share their point of view. By the end, each participant left with a clear and confident understanding of the industry landscape and AdPredictive’s place within it.

But wait, there was more! Before moving on to our planned team bonding activity, our founder Dan Carroll led an all-company AI brainstorm. Sharing the latest news in AI and its recent video advancements, Dan prompted thought-starter questions, encouraging everyone to share their thoughts and opinions on sticky notes. With AI revolutionizing the marketing and media industries, AdPredictive was excited to come together and collaborate on its implications and how we could use it to work smarter and lead with intelligence.

To cap off a day brimming with collaboration, we ventured into an exhilarating adventure at Breakout KC. Our AdPredictive teams unleashed their competitive spirits, with all three teams successfully cracking the escape room puzzles before the clock ran out. It was a testament to our teamwork and strategic prowess, proving once again that together, we can conquer any challenge.

As the adrenaline ebbed and exhaustion set in, we found solace in the cozy ambiance of Casual Animal. Amidst drinks and dinner, conversations flowed effortlessly, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and reflect on the day’s triumphs.

Day 3 – The Culmination

As the curtains drew on this extraordinary affair, we gathered in the office for a final day of reflection and forward planning. Throughout breakfast and lunch, we celebrated our achievements, acknowledged our challenges, and charted a course for the future. This year’s annual all-hands was a huge success focused on the people – the beating heart of AdPredictive – who infuse every project with passion and purpose, making our events a resounding success.

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