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Fostering Connection and Community

AdPredictive Fostering Connection and Community

At AdPredictive, our commitment to culture runs deep and we’re exceptionally proud of our civic involvement. As we expand our roster of company events, we’re equally dedicated to fostering connection and community. In a world of change and challenges, we are uniting communities and cherishing the connections that make a difference. Let’s dive into the culture programs that define our unique workplace and share insights from our team.

Co-worker Coffee

We believe in meaningful connections. They not only offer support and guidance for personal and professional growth they inspire collaboration and innovation. Our Co-worker Coffee program is voluntary and available each quarter for every employee who wants to get to know someone they may not work with often.  Whether it’s an engaging remote conversation or an in-person meet-up at Mildred’s, it’s a chance to build relationships that go beyond the workplace.

“Coffee with a coworker was a great experience. I really enjoyed the opportunity to have conversations I wouldn’t have had otherwise with a team member.”

Rachael Pegg, EVP Product Operations and Client Success

WTFun Happy Hours

Work-life balance is crucial, and we know how to strike the right chord. Our WhatTheFun Happy Hours and Happy Place slack channel bring the entire company together to celebrate life’s moments – from new babies to birthdays, professional achievements, and work anniversaries. With good food, games, and ice-breakers, it’s all about fostering a sense of togetherness. 

“Joining a new company has been an incredible journey, where I’ve not only found my place but also felt truly included, seen, and valued from day one.”

Cristy Schneider, Marketing Analyst

Volunteering Opportunities 

Giving back to the community is an integral part of our culture. It’s important for our team to feel empowered and supported to get involved with organizations that mean the most to them.  The AdPredictive “service hours” program offers paid time out of office for team members to take part in a charitable opportunity of their choice each quarter. Plus, we host a quarterly in-person volunteer activity where the team can gather for a good cause. Activities have included things like preparing the garden for KC’s Operation Breakthrough or the recent KC Blind All-Starts Annual 5K Run/Walk, supporting the Kansas State School of the Blind.  

“Volunteering at Operation Breakthrough was a great way to connect with both my community and coworkers.”

Stephen Muir, Analytics Engineer

Company Events 

Twice a year, the entire AdPredictive family comes together. Remote employees are flown into the KC headquarters, reservations are made and calendars are booked. We combine company all-hands brainstorm sessions, volunteering opportunities, and fun outings to celebrate the strength of our team. The team has enjoyed unique outings such as competing amongst each other at a premier downtown mini golf, throwing axes, and learning new things at a cocktail mixing lesson. 

“I really appreciate how much AdPredictive prioritizes the inclusion of remote employees. We frequently have virtual and in-person events to keep everyone connected.”

Harrison Cunningham, Operations Director

AdPredictive’s culture is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way of life for our team of data and tech innovators. From fostering connections over coffee to community involvement and joyful company gatherings, our culture reflects a thriving, inclusive, and engaging workplace.

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