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AdPredictive Announces Travis Rhoades as Executive Vice President of Data Analytics and Intelligence

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Former FBI intelligence manager brings over 25 years of experience in technology and engineering leadership

July 28, 2021, NEW YORK, NY (GLOBAL NEWSWIRE) — AdPredictive, the market-leading customer intelligence software platform, announced today the appointment of Travis Rhoades, a big data, artificial intelligence and data science expert with over 25 years of experience, as the company’s new Executive Vice President of Data Analytics and Intelligence. 

Rhoades’ FBI intelligence background, unique within the marketing technology sector, brings a wealth of information and insight that can significantly inform sector advancement and growth.  In this role, he is tasked with strengthening and enhancing AdPredictive’s analytics and insights methodology in ways that embrace DataOps principles and are designed to deliver innovative solutions at scale.

“Travis has a passion for the development of solutions dealing with complex systems that combine human and machine intelligence,” said AdPredictive CEO Kristin Frank. “He will continue evolving the intelligence that AdPredictive delivers, giving clients the understanding and insights they need to connect more meaningfully with their audiences.” 

Rhoades will focus on systematically generating analytics and insights that will enable AdPredictive to monitor its products for quality and continuously find ways to improve and expand its data intelligence offerings. 

“The traditional role played by data analytics and intelligence in the martech sector has failed to keep pace with the way the industry has evolved,” said AdPredictive Founder and CSO, Dan Carroll. “Big data, rising data values, and the rapidly evolving capabilities of technology necessitate a completely different kind of management. Travis is a terrific complement to AdPredictive’s rockstar team of data analysts, scientists and engineers.”

Prior to joining AdPredictive, Rhoades was the Director of Data Science and Advanced Analytics for technology startup VeriShip and a Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence Analysis Manager for the FBI. He earned a B.S. in physics from Baker University.

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