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AdPredictive Service Day January 2022

Getting back to normal; we’ve heard this phrase a lot over the last year or so, and it means a lot of things to a lot of people. For the team of experts behind AdPredictive’s powerful customer intelligence platform –  it means getting back out into our community and making a positive impact in Kansas City. Though we’ve continued to support our neighbors in other important ways, such as adopting families for the holiday and more through Community LINC, this week saw part of our team rolling up our sleeves (and donning our masks) for our first in-person, pandemic-era service volunteer day. 

A culture of service

AdPredictive_Harrison Cunningham_quote

This culture of service and community involvement Harrison describes is such an important part of who we are as a company.

Our service program generally includes team members taking part in one charitable opportunity, as well as one in-person volunteer activity, each quarter.

Our morning at Thelma’s

This quarter’s volunteer activity took place at Thelma’s Kitchen, a unique (and incredibly awesome) pay-what-you-can restaurant. Their concept provides our neighbors with locally sourced, made-from-scratch, healthy meal options and, core to their values, the dignity of choice. Thelma’s menu always includes a selection of soups, salads and sandwiches, giving their patrons the ability to choose what they want to eat, vs. just being handed a tray of whatever is available on a particular day. Our AdPredictive team can personally attest to the quality of these meals as several of us purchased boxed lunches on our way out, each containing fresh fruit and veggies, a sandwich, and fabulous freshly baked cookies that we smelled all morning while helping to prep these meals! The boxes we put together on Tuesday went out to local companies who help support Thelma’s mission, while also providing great lunches to their employees. Every purchase helps provide a free or low-cost, healthy meal to individuals who couldn’t otherwise afford, or wouldn’t have access to, such wonderful meal options. Thelma’s also helps to provide social and mental health services to our KC neighbors in need.

The crew at Thelma’s treated us like part of the family, assigning us duties such as chopping veggies, filling sauce containers, making sandwiches, packing boxes, and washing dishes (shoutout to our founder and CSO, Dan Carroll, for diligently manning the dish-washing station). And, not to brag, but our group set a new record for getting lunches prepped and out the door for the local companies who collectively ordered around 130 lunches that day. Whether it’s producing innovative technology solutions for our customers, or volunteering for local charities, let it never be said that AdPredictive doesn’t thrive on efficiency and productivity (and maybe a little friendly competition)!

As Harrison puts it, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the great team at Thelma’s Kitchen. It’s an awesome place with an incredible mission. I would encourage anyone looking to get involved in the community in a meaningful way to check them out.” 

You can sign up to volunteer, as well as make a donation or place your office lunch order at Follow Thelma’s Kitchen on LinkedIn or Instagram.   

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