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Data Smart Enough to Make a Real Business Impact

While marketers have traditionally struggled to use data to make a real business impact, the team at AdPredictive has set its sights on fixing the shortcomings of the market. Many data providers out there are only reliable for a few data categories. Many others use business models that restrict data ownership. In general, CMOs are rarely equipped to use multiple data sources in a meaningful way. 

That is where it became clear to our team that data is only as good as its use. So, we applied marketing intelligence within our platform to make data as useable as possible.

Data partners united

Today, we live in a world where intelligence can increase data accuracy when applied to numerous data sources. This means advertisers can rely on a single source of truth that unites multiple data sources on the attribute category + ID-level.  

Think of your favorite coupon app or browser extension. It saves you money by collecting coupons from all over the web and serving up the validated coupon codes for you to instantly apply to your online shopping cart. Smart data attributes work in a similar fashion however they can not only reduce data costs but open the door of possibilities to eliminate data biases + reliance on a single data partner.

Data quality that saves the marketing budget

When business is lagging, the marketing budget seems to always be the first to get cut, right?  It’s easy to trim when struggles to target the right audience, create extreme inefficiencies in the effectiveness of campaigns. 

Some say this struggle is still real due to 3rd-party data quality concerns. One provider skews heavily on one attribute where another skews heavily on the opposite. Insert “The quality of this data is too low to use it!” Smart attributes, however, increase data quality by removing untrustworthy IDs and applying intelligence to resolve conflicting provider data points. Marketers can finally use 3rd-party data for audience targeting and media optimization.

Data that connects you with your consumer

Audience segmentation isn’t anything new. Marketers and advertisers segment their audiences to get closer to their consumers with personalized communications, strategic media plans, and brand experiences. Often times, if there is budget, extensive research is done and static profiles are produced with eloquent descriptions reminiscent of a singles ad. In fact, a marketer would have just a few profiles that may or may not be inspired by reliable + current consumer data. 

Smart attributes open the door to wider segmentation and increase behavioral granularity. The quality of the consumer insights derived from smart attributes is vetted by multiple data partners and the data can be easily applied to existing and new profiles. 

The moral of the AdPredictive story is that our value extends beyond smart data. The true value is in enabling marketers + advertisers to use the data in a way that is meaningful to their businesses and consumers. We help drive business growth as the single source of truth.

Contact our team today to learn more about how you can have confidence in 3rd-party data and use it to make a meaningful business impact.

Data-driven, intelligence-informed customer understanding and business impact for smarter marketers.

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