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Important Questions to Ask When Media is at the Core of Your Business

More often than you’d imagine, we find well intentioned brands advertising without fully defining the why, who, and how of their marketing strategy. Without a solid foundation, it is difficult to build a successful advertising campaign. The most successful brands plan their advertising by answering the following questions:

How will you define success?

Is your overall business objective to ensure your ad is seen as many times as promised, or have you dug deeper to define it in more specific terms, such as an increase in traffic to your site or a purchase of a certain product? As a result of advancements in attribution capabilities, advertisers are no longer limited to defining success as an ad click or impression. Gone are the days of making large stretches to link sales to advertising. A skilled attribution partner who has access to first and third-party data can extend the definition of success to a visit to your store, a viewing of your season premiere, or a verified purchase of your product.

Does your defined target audience match your actual consumer?

Have you conducted research to understand your consumer, or is your targeting generic or based on an assumption? What if you thought you were going for a hands-on car enthusiast, but it turns out that your customer is more of a millennial mom? It has happened. Some of the most shocking findings uncovered by our analysis are related to the makeup of a brand’s consumer. Reaching your target audience isn’t very useful if they’re not the ones engaging with your brand.

What is the best approach to get your ads in front of consumers?

Is it necessary to hit all media types a little or a few media types a lot? How many times does a consumer need to see your ads to drive sales without being annoyed? Brands are actively seeking innovative solutions for navigating the complexity of the industry and manpower required to activate campaigns. Many are turning to streamlined, connected technology to plan, place and attribute their media all in a single, centralized platform. Data-driven planning tools allow brands and their agencies to create the most cost-effective plans across media types and then place the media with a few clicks. Progressive brands seeking transparency and control are finally able to understand their data and are recognizing significant savings in the process.

Take the first steps to recapturing lost value by answering these questions. Armed with this information and a trusted partner, you’re on the path to success.

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