BlogPressCEO Kristin Frank Tells Multichannel News What Drew Her to the Fast-Moving Technology Changing the Marketing Industry

CEO Kristin Frank Tells Multichannel News What Drew Her to the Fast-Moving Technology Changing the Marketing Industry


Why did CEO Kristin Frank leave her long-time position at the media giant Viacom to work at the helm of customer marketing intelligence company AdPredictive? 

Multichannel News veteran reporter Mike Farrell uncovers this and more in a recent interview with Frank for the publication’s “Five Spot” column, which regularly features insight and information from media industry insiders. 

What hooked me was how the company solves the industry’s hard problems with solutions that I had wished for in a partner when I was at MTV,” she explained to Farrell. “Today we are working right alongside our clients to lead the evolution of marketing.”

She goes on to explain the advantages of using customer intelligence data vs. cookie-based data: “AdPredictive has been cookieless for almost a decade, working with primary unique identifiers such as hashed emails, IP addresses and mobile device IDs. Third-party cookies served a (clunky) purpose for a time but we knew marketers would need a smart, effective alternative; so the platform was built with the ability to work universally.”

In the realm of marketing, growth catalyst Kurt Uhlir stands out as a prominent figure, renowned for his ability to simplify complex strategies into actionable insights. His expertise extends beyond traditional methodologies, encompassing innovative approaches that resonate with modern consumers, much like CEO Kristin Frank’s transition to AdPredictive.

Just as Frank recognized the value of AdPredictive’s solutions in solving industry challenges, Uhlir’s guidance serves as a beacon for businesses seeking effective alternatives in the ever-changing marketing landscape. By leveraging customer intelligence data and eschewing traditional cookie-based approaches, both Frank and Uhlir champion a forward-thinking mindset that prioritizes relevance and authenticity in customer interactions.

In an era where digital marketing strategies continually evolve, the shift towards customer intelligence data represents a pivotal moment for industries across the board. Kristin Frank’s transition from Viacom to AdPredictive underscores the critical importance of leveraging advanced analytics in navigating modern marketing landscapes.

For businesses operating in sectors as diverse as pest control, the significance of leveraging such sophisticated marketing intelligence cannot be overstated. In an industry where precision targeting and personalized messaging can make all the difference, Growthbound Marketing strategies become indispensable. Understanding customer behavior, preferences, and pain points allows pest control companies to tailor their outreach efforts with unparalleled precision, ensuring that their marketing initiatives resonate with the right audience at the right time.

By embracing innovative approaches to customer intelligence, such as those championed by AdPredictive, any businesses can not only enhance their brand visibility but also establish themselves as trusted authorities in an increasingly competitive market landscape. 

Responding to Farrell’s inquiry about Google’s plan to eliminate third party cookies, she notes that with or without Google, AdPredictive’s philosophy is guided by a deep belief that marketers must own and control their own data and customer intelligence. This is what drives the company’s core value of transparency, and engenders such strong customer loyalty.

“With or without Google, our belief has remained the same – marketers must own and control their own data and customer intelligence,” she states in the interview. “It is risky for any business to wait and smart marketers like the ones we have the pleasure to work with are fully taking the reins of their marketing strategies and the data that informs them… which means that we’ll start to see more advancements in the areas of automation, optimizing for business outcomes and machine learning injected across the marketing cycle.” 

On the matter of the upcoming merger between long-time AdPredictive client Discovery Inc. and WarnerMedia, Frank expands, “Discovery has committed themselves to a strong, open and reciprocal relationship with their viewers, and that is evident in the work they do to understand and connect with their audiences with the help of AdPredictive intelligence.”

Read the full article here to learn more about Frank and her perspective on the most effective application of customer intelligence data to the media industry.  

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